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The Improv Jam - Every Wednesday at 8pm!
The Atlas Theatre, Seattle, WA
Drop In! Open to all levels of improvisers. Each jam is led by an improv veteran, and consists of exercises and scene work.

The Cypher - Every Saturday at 3pm!
The Atlas Theater, Seattle, WA
Freestyle Rapping! Come learn from a resident hip hop expert and practice your freestyle rapping skills. This class is open to anyone that is a fan of hip-hop or improv. Drop-ins welcome!

Improv 101
The Atlas Theater, Seattle, WA
Focused and concentrated six day course will teach you the very basics of improvisational comedy through the use of ComedySportz games and exercises. Ends showcase for your friends and family at The Atlas Theater!

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Adult Classes
Jet City Improv, Seattle WA Classes for beginners who want to learn the basics or veteran players looking to grow their skill sets: 101-Intro,102- Ready for Anything,103-Take the Stage, 201- Short Form Basics, 202- Long Form Basics.

Improv Dojo - Every Monday at 6pm!
Jet City Improv, Seattle, WA Drop in for a session of games and exercises taught by a Jet City Improv teaching artist on a new topic every week. The Improv Dojo is for everyone. (Space is limited to 18 students per session on a first-come, first-serve basis.)

Corporate Workshops
Jet City Improv, Seattle, WA
Showcase and analysis of the elements that make improvisation successful with empowering applications. Each program is customized to fit company objectives and group – large or small, company, department, church, school, non-profit or association.

Student and Youth Programs
Jet City Improv, Seattle, WA
Able to provide private residencies for drama departments, student groups, or after school programs for the following age groups: College students, High School, Middle School, and Elemantary School.

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The Jelly - Every Month
The Pocket Theater, Seattle, WA
Drop your name in the hat for your chance to play on stage. Open to newbies, students, jaded veterans, and everyone in between. Every Jelly will have a lesson, theme, form, or other such focus to help you get ever-so-slightly better than you were when you walked in. AND IT'S FREE! RSVP to guarantee a spot -

Improvised Bard with Alan Hawkins
The Pocket Theater, Seattle, WA
Discover the world of the Elizabethan theatre even if you have never seen or read a single play by William Shakespeare. This workshop will explore the techniques and approaches that will help you paint with all of the colors of the world’s most recognized playwright. Students will improvise scenes, perform monologues and play games based around the exercises in this workshop. This class will be limited to 14 students maximum. Workshop on Sunday, May 15 2:00-4:00 pm and show Sunday, May 15 6:00 pm. $45 total, reserve your spot HERE!

Improv 100 - 500
Georgetown Campus, Redmond Schoolhouse or Market Theater, Seattle, WA
Learn the basics of improvisation. Discover how to actively listen, to use your own life to create stories, and work on the fundamental principles of improvisation. In 200 learn to create scenes of greater complexity, as well as polishing concepts such as "Status", "Tilt" and "Re-incorporation". Later classes will focus more on character, narrative, and address individual strengths as well as areas that need improvement.

Playground - Every Monday at 7pm!
Market Theater, Seattle, WA
The Playground is jam night for students, ensemble cast members and alumni to play with one another and continue to work on their Improv skills.

Specialty Classes 
Market Theater, Seattle, WA
Classes outside the 100-500 levels, often only one weekend or one night, that focus on specific skills or styles such as musical improv, improvised Shakespeare or simply accepting the first offer.

Teen Classes
Georgetown Studios, Seattle, WA
In Improv for Teens, you will learn the fundamentals of good improvisation through games and exercises. Explore the basics of storytelling and spontaneous scene creation through strong characters, listening, narrative, self-confidence, spontaneity, and basic stage skills. The focus will be on creating ensemble work in a safe, supportive, and fun environment.

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Classes and Workshops
All throughout the year, we offer a plethora of classes and workshops revolving around the art of sketch comedy. From writing and acting to producing and marketing, our classes are taught by Seattle comedy professionals with years of experience producing in Seattle and elsewhere. For more information on upcoming classes, contact Education Director Matt Olson at

Mash Up
The SketchFest Mashup is a weekend “Sketch Comedy Boot Camp” for people who are looking to have fun, create new and exciting things, and get more involved in the sketch comedy community. A group of strangers write, edit, rehearse, and ultimately perform a brand new sketch comedy show over the course of a weekend.

Anyone can do it – if you’re an actor, improviser, comedian, or writer looking to try out sketch comedy, the Mashup is a great way to get into it. If you’re a sketch comedian just looking to work with some new folks and try something crazy, this is the place! And if you’ve never been on a stage in your life and you’re totally not funny, but you are adventurous and want to experience something amazing and different – well, you sound perfect!

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Sketch Comedy Intensive
In this 8 week intensive, you will write sketches of various types, and spend time together in a supportive writer's room environment clarifying ideas, editing, and punching up dialogue. At the end of the 8 weeks, there will be one night of performance of the show developed during the class, performed by class participants (you can be memorized or hold your script in your hand).
Dates: April 3, 10, 18, 24, May 1, 8,15 and 22
Time: 1:00-3:30
Location: Unexpected Productions Improv School
Maximum Students: 15
Cost: $225
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Stand Up Comedy 101 for Actors and Improvisers
Love stand-up comedy? Think it would be fun to try your hand at it? Then this is the class for you. Ron Reid is a pro with years of experience in the field. In this class, you'll learn proven ways to make strangers laugh, plus proper microphone technique, use of the stage, breathing and anxiety reduction skills, centering and body language. Come and learn about how to move your dream forward and try your hand at becoming a stand-up comedian.
Dates: April 5, 12,19, 26
Time: 7:00-9:30
Location: Unexpected Productions' Market Theater Comedy Stage, 1428 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101 (at the Gum Wall in Pike Place Market)
Maximum Students: 15
Cost: $149
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