The Gay Uncle Podcast

The Gay Uncle Podcast, a spin-off of The Gay Uncle Time, will be a lively, fun weekly conversation focusing on the history of LGBT culture & community.

(*The first two episodes contain some sound issues that have been corrected for future episodes. Just pretend we did the interview in a subway tunnel and give us some street cred.)


Episode 1

An interview with Shaun Knittel of Seattle Gay News and Social Outreach Seattle (SOSea)


Episode 2

An interview with The Gender Sensei Mac S. McGregor


Episode 3

An interview with Eric “Blu” Matrin of Eric Blu and the Soul Revue and Fast Nasties 


Episode 4

An Interview with musician and transformative artist Jianda Monique 


Episode 5

An Interview with author, essayist, poet, teacher, performer Evan J. Peterson 


Episode 6

An Interview with writer Rick R. Reed


Episode 7

An Interview with comedian, story teller and producer of  “The Moth” in Seattle, Danielle K.L. Grégoire

Episode 7


Episode 8

An Interview with Ron Bryan


Episode 9

An Interview with poet Lydia Swartz


Episode 10

An Interview with activist Brian Baxter