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Uncle Mike Ruins Christmas

You better watch out. You better not cry. The original Christmas creep is back for his tenth season of ruining your precious holiday memories right before your eyes!

For those looking to escape the sickening sweetness of most holiday specials with a completely different sickening feeling, Jet City Improv is proud to announce the return of UNCLE MIKE RUINS CHRISTMAS, Fridays and Saturdays at 10:30 from November 25 through December 23.

As it has since 2007, every performance of this hit comedy gathers cheery and authentic Christmas memories from members of the audience that are then re-enacted live on-stage with a sappy saccharine charm. But every new season means more fresh meat, and it’s only a matter of time before Uncle Mike with all of his obscenity, vulgarity and bearded debauchery shows up to work his depraved magic. He defiles everything he touches until the once-precious memory is forever changed into something downright offensive, raunchy, and obscene. Before the dust and spittle can settle on the now-twisted Christmas of yesteryear, Mike has moved on to the next unsuspecting anecdote, covering a whole host of memories in one night like some sort of belligerent Santa Claus.

To celebrate ten holiday seasons under the tyranny of Uncle Mike, ten tickets to each performance will be made available for just $10 each on a first come, first-served basis starting at 12:01am on November 25 at jetcityimprov.org. Audiences in attendance at this year’s shows will also be able to purchase Uncle Mike’s Gingerbread Cookies” adorned with a very unconventional frosting design at the Jet City Improv concessions stand while supplies last.

. . . the satisfaction of watching groan-inducing Hallmark sentiments churned into late-night ribaldry. Seattle Met

. . . a foul, perverted, and often funny satire of family dysfunction. Seattle Weekly

This show is for mature audiences only. You’ve been warned.

Mike Murphy
Graham Downing
Nick Edwards
Alison Lührs
Mandy Price
Ian Schempp
Kalya Teel
Stephani Thompson

Created and directed by Douglas Willott
Live music by Rob Scherzer
Technical improvisation by Amanda Walker

The Seattle Files with Chris Allen Live: Harry and the Hendersons

Chris Allen, host of The Seattle Files, brings his popular Seattle history podcast to Central Cinema. Chris tells a true tale of the Northwest while a panel of comedians ask questions and supply commentary, followed by a screening of the shot-in-Seattle Harry and the Hendersons (appropriate to the theme of Chris’s topic that night).

Panelists include:
Nancy Guppy (Art Zone with Nancy Guppy, Almost Live)
Alison Lührs (Jet City Improv)
Doug Willott (Program Director for Central Cinema, Jet City Improv)

About The Seattle Files with Chris Allen: Every week Chris gets together with a different local comedian and teaches them something about Seattle history. Catch up on past episodes at http://theseattlefiles.com/

Film Court: SPACE JAM

Film Court is back in session! On trial: Space Jam. Michael Jordan team up with the Looney Tunes to save the world from an intergalactic theme park mogul. The fact that this film even exists is amazing. The fact that a ton of 90s NBA stars and Bill Murray are all in it as well makes it even better. But is it actually good, or is Space Jam so guilty of cinematic crimes, that justice must be served?

You, the audience, are the jury as two film lawyers battle to win your hearts and minds. Judge Jessica and Balif Brian (MovieCat) preside over the proceedings.

Spike Friedman, sports writer for The Stranger, prosecutes while Doug Willott of Jet City Improv returns as public defender. Join us for a special 20th anniversary event screening of this cosmic sports adventure that made all of us believe we could fly.

We’re showing regular viewings of Space Jam June 10th 14th as well to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary, so if you can’t make the special screening, you can still find time to .

Like the Film Court page to follow the proceedings.


[Performances at the Pocket are $10 online and $14 at the door. Online sales close Noon day of show. See all the shows for just $25 buy buying an all evening pass]

1 day, 11 shows, Ian has to be in all of them

Sunday, April 24th @ 3:00pm
Sunday, April 24th @ 4:00pm
Sunday, April 24th @ 5:00pm
Sunday, April 24th @ 6:30pm
Sunday, April 24th @ 7:30pm
Sunday, April 24th @ 8:30pm ROAST!

Tickets http://bit.ly/SCHFEST

Show Description Schemppfest is a one-day festival of 10 improvised duos and 1 roast, each one containing Seattle improviser Ian Schempp. Most of the shows have never been performed before. Some of the shows will almost definitely never be performed again. At least one of the shows will be magical. None of the shows are scripted in any way.

Doug Willott Producer, Actor
John Faga Actor
Elicia Wickstead Actor
Phill Arensberg Actor
David Gordon Technical Improviser
There will be probably 8 more actors, but we don’t know who yet.

Producer bio Ian has been improvising since 1997 and has been a part of Jet City Improv since 2004. Since joining JCI, he has been seen in many shows, such as Jet City’s flagship show, Twisted Flicks, Election Show, Quiz Show, Suave, and Funbucket. He is also the creator/director of the hit shows Shades of Gray, This Improvised Life, Funbucket, Unspeakable Horrors, and Explorer’s Club. He has two wonderful children and an amazing wife, to whom everything he does, including this, is devoted.

Price/Nixon: Workshop

[Performances at the Pocket are $10 online and $14 at the door. Online sales close 4pm day of show.]

Two improvisers who loved their level one workshop are ready to teach you how to be an improv expert.

Saturday, April 23rd @ 7:00pm


Show Description
Having performed 4 shows and taken a class, Nathan Price and Tamara Nixon are ready to teach improv. For an hour, they’ll teach you how to improvise skits, discussing CROWs, Yes, and And. Audience members can opt to participate, or audit as they so choose.

Please note this will be very much a Price/Nixon workshop, and not like a workshop one might take from other Seattle improvisers with names like Mandy or Doug or any other Seattle name.

Nathan Price Taken improv classes and watched Youtube videos. Also, saw Interrobang once, and didn’t get it.

Tamara Nixon Has also taken improv classes, watched Christopher Guest films. She’s never seen Duck Duck Scissors, but likes their name.

Producer bio
Nathan Price and Tamara Nixon are the Northwest’s wackaschmackiest improvers, performing their improv skits at places like The Pocket, Jet City Improv, and Unexpected Productions. They performed this year at SFIT, and can’t wait to teach you improv!

Every Movie is a Musical

Saturdays at 10:30, January 9 February 13, 2016.

As Broadway continues to adapt classic films into musical sensations, too many films are being overlooked: movies that are not already musicals. Before Broadway catches on, we’re offering audiences the chance to get in on the ground floor of the next great movie-turned-musical at our original comedy Every Movie Is A Musical.

Every night’s performance will feature brand new musical numbers based on movies selected by the audience at the start of the show. From there, a talented team of improv comedians and musicians will give each of the selected movies a brand new musical treatment, be it a love song, the grand finale, or something in-between, across a variety of musical theater styles. Every musical number will be preceded by a brief synopsis of that movie’s plot, so you don’t need to be a film buff to enjoy the multiple titles (anywhere from six to eighteen) covered during the course of the show.

Tickets Available Here

Tall Tales

Debuts  Thursday, January 7th at 8pm and will run every Thursday and Friday at 8pm through February 12th.

How did the robin get its red breast? How’d the moon get hung up so high? Curious souls from far and wide are invited to gather round the campfire, ask a big question, and hear one doozy of a tale in the style of American folk classics like Paul Bunyan and Pecos Bill.

Tickets Available Here

Tall Tales is the newest installment to Jet City Improvs line of improvised plays. Unlike most short-form improv formats that involve improvisers switching from game to game and creating brand new scenes every time, Jet City Improv Presents is an ongoing series of longform improv shows that present one or many stories around one cohesive theme. Improv still lies at the heart of each show, and every story is created based on unique suggestions and input every night. So yes, even though Jet City Improv Presents shows have sets and costumes and some thematic rules, the major role of the audience guarantees that no two performances are ever alike.