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Sketchy Santa

[Performances at the Pocket are $10 online and $14 at the door. Online sales close 4pm day of show.]
The gift of comedy from one comedian to another. Priceless!

Sunday, December 11th @ 6:30pm

Tickets http://bit.ly/SketchSan2016

Show Description HO HO HO! HA HA HA! What happens when comedians are allowed to write for their peers… anonymously. It’s like secret santa, but with comedians. If you like kooky comedy, you’ll love seeing how comedians delight/mess with each other. Holiday style!

Participating groups TBA!
Produced by Clayton Weller

Producer bio Clayton was the artistic director of SketchFest for 5 years. He now runs two theaters in Seattle. He’s boy-banded 4 of seattle’s most prolific comedy groups, and teaches/produces his own shows constantly. He’s a libra.

SketchFest Seattle 2016 – Local Showcase


The weather is turning. The days are shortening. Fall is settling in and winter is coming. You need to laugh. Not like a polite chuckle, either. We’re talking gut busting belly laughs from the best sketch comedy groups in Seattle and from across the country. Enter SketchFest!
Sponsored by: Sidecar, 4 Culture, Office of Arts & Culture, Pabst Blue Ribbon, SubPop Records, Theo Chocolate, and City Arts Magazine.
Get the full schedule here: http://www.sketchfest.org/tickets2016/

Get SketchFest merch here: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/SketchFest
Every year SketchFest Seattle pairs the best local groups with the funniest folks from around the continent. This year’s festival is bringing talent from Los Angeles, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Montreal!


September 15, 7p @ The Pocket Theater
Matt Hatfield tix: http://bit.ly/MattHatfieldSF16
Death and Taxes tix: http://bit.ly/DeathandTaxesSF16
BEEF tix: http://bit.ly/BeefSF16

September 16, 7p @ The Pocket
Turbo Turkey Sketch and Improv Comedy tix: http://bit.ly/TTurkeySF16
Smat tix: http://bit.ly/SmatSF16
Jason & Spike tix: http://bit.ly/JasonSpikeSF16

September 16, 8:30p @ The Pocket
Generation Friends Comedy Arts Coalition tix: http://bit.ly/GenFriendsSF16
Super Famous tix: http://bit.ly/SuperFamSF16
Part Plant tix: http://bit.ly/PartPlantSF16

September 16, 10p @ The Pocket
Ian Schuelke tix: http://bit.ly/IanSF16
W.X.P.F.L. World Extreme Pencil Fighting League tix: http://bit.ly/WXPFLsf16
Princess tix: http://bit.ly/PrincessSF16

September 17, 7p @ Central Cinema
The 9th Annual SketchFest Comedy Film Challenge with special guests Day Job tix:http://bit.ly/SketchFilm

September 18, 5:30p @ The Pocket
Sleepover tix: http://bit.ly/SleepoverSF16
Drop the Root Beer and Run tix: http://bit.ly/RootBeerSF16
Tomato Tomato tix: http://bit.ly/TomatoSF16

September 22, 7p @ The Pocket
Deep Lez tix: http://bit.ly/DeepLezSF16
Stronger Than Love tix: http://bit.ly/StrongerSF16
Fifty Percent Less Bear tix: http://bit.ly/BearsSF16

Ferry Tales

Part of Improv Month at The Slate!

Sam, Noah, and Gary are waiting for a ferry, and THAT’S WHERE REALITY ENDS. You’ll never be more entertained anticipating the slow approach of a slow boat than when you see the sort of possibly space-time continuum bending shenanigans of our protagonists! They might have an in depth conversation about their feelings, or they might drive into the ocean and befriend a shark gang! The possibilities are as endless as the minutes you might find yourself waiting in line for a ferry!
With a performance from Being Humans Improv Comedy!

Sketch Comedy Month at the Pocket

[Performances at the Pocket are $10 online and $14 at the door. Online sales close 4pm day of show.]

Improv month is sponsored by SketchFest Seattle

Show Description During the entire month of May (and some of April) over 25+ comedy groups from all over Seattle will descend upon The Pocket for mirth, merriment, and general mingling. Get the very best scripted comedy from all over the city. Brand new super-groups, Old favorites, and a ton of variety will guarantee to entertain.

420 Trip (http://bit.ly/420sm16)
BEEF! (http://bit.ly/BEEFsm)
Beer Flix (http://bit.ly/BFsm16)
Bellevue College (http://bit.ly/CTsm16)
Charles (http://bit.ly/CCsm16)
Day Job (http://bit.ly/DJsm16)
Daniel Timothy Desrosiers (http://bit.ly/DesRoSM)
Death and Taxes (http://bit.ly/DNTsm2016)
Deep Lez (http://bit.ly/DLsm16)
Drop the Root Beer & Run – (http://bit.ly/DRBsm16)
Everette CC (http://bit.ly/CTsm16)
Fifty Percent Less Bear (http://bit.ly/50Bsm16)
Generation Friends (http://bit.ly/GFsm16)
Getting Naked with Friends (http://bit.ly/NwFsm16)
Human Resources (http://bit.ly/HRsm16)
Iron Sketch (http://bit.ly/ISsm16)
Liz & Joel – (http://bit.ly/LJsm16)
Naturally (http://bit.ly/UTNsm16)
Oh Shoot (http://bit.ly/OHsm2016)
Part Plant (http://bit.ly/PPsm16)
Princess (http://bit.ly/PSsm16)
Ra-Ra Rasputin (http://bit.ly/RAsm2016)
Shoreline CC (http://bit.ly/CTsm16)
Sketchy Santa (http://bit.ly/SSsm16)
Sleepover (http://bit.ly/SOVsm16)
Smat! (http://bit.ly/SMATsm2016)
Sober Virgin (http://bit.ly/SVsm16)
Spontaneous Human Combustion (http://bit.ly/SHCsm16)
Stronger Than Love (http://bit.ly/SLsm2016)
SuperFamous (http://bit.ly/SFsm2016)
The Tipfield Hour (http://bit.ly/TFsm2016)
Theme Show (http://bit.ly/TSsm16)
Together Again (http://bit.ly/2Gsm16)
Tomato Tomato (http://bit.ly/TTsm16)
Toxic shock (http://bit.ly/TSsm2016)
University of Puget Sound (http://bit.ly/CTsm16)
Villains (http://bit.ly/VILLsm)
Wayward Knitting Club (http://bit.ly/WWCsm16)

Week 1
April 29 @ 8:30 – Death & Taxes \\ SMAT!
April 29 @ 10pm The Tipfield Hour (http://bit.ly/TFsm2016)
April 30 @ 7pm Oh Shoot \\ Super Famous
April 30 @ 8:30 Ra-Ra Rasputin \\ BEEF!
April 30@ 10pm Toxic Shock \\ Stronger Than Love
May 1 @ 8pm Human Resources \\ Deep Lez

Week 2
May 6 @ 8:30 Sleepover \\ Part Plant
May 6 @ 10pm Getting Naked w/ Friends \\ Spont. Human Combustion
May 7 @ 7pm Part Plant \\ Tomato Tomato
May 7 @ 8:30 Villains \\ Drop the Rootbeer & Run
May 7 @ 10pm Iron Sketch (http://bit.ly/ISsm16)

Week 3

May 13 @ 8:30 Generation Friends \\ 420 Trip
May 13 @ 10pm THEME SHOW (http://bit.ly/TSsm16)
May 13 @ 11pm SKETCH U BATOR
May 14 @ 7pm 50% Less Bear \\ Natrually
May 14 @ 8:30 Sober Virgin \\ Princess
May 15 @ 8pm – Drop the Rootbeer & Run \\ Stronger Than Love

Week 4
May 19 @ 7pm – Etch & Sketch
May 20 @ 7pm Together Again \\ BEEF
May 20 @ 8:30 – Liz & Joel \\ Villains
May 20 @ 10pm SKETCHY SANTA (http://bit.ly/SSsm16)
May 21 @ 7pm – Wayward Knitting Club \\ Liz & Joel
May 21 @ 8:30 Together Again \\ Daniel Timothy Desrosiers
May 21 @ 10pm BEER FLIX (http://bit.ly/BFsm16)

Week 5
May 27 @ 7pm Shoreline \\ Charles
May 27 @ 8:30 Puget Sound \\ Naturally
May 27 @ 10pm Everette \\ Bellevue \\ Dayjob

Cast of One Season 2: Featuring Matt Hatfield

One featured improviser will perform a one-person production, in which they play every character. The audience will choose the story: any book, film or play ever created. With only the help of a quick glance at the synopsis, will they create an entirely improvised, once-in-a-lifetime adaptation of the work in question. In this show the improviser has no safety-net, no partner, no one to help. All they have is their wit, talent and a room full of strangers watching them attempt the bravest act a performer can attempt.

About the Performer Matt Hatfield has over a decade of experience in both improv and sketch comedy. He is a the creator of seattlecomedy.org, a current member and founder of sketch group; Drop the Root Beer and Run, Improv duo; Matt-enee and talk show; The Tipfield Hour. Matt has also performed with other such groups as Specific Northwest, Whattabout, Matt-a-Graham and is a former member of ComedySportz Seattle. He can be frequently seen performing or hosting shows at the Pocket theater in Greenwood of which he is also a board member. In addition to performing in Seattle Sketchfest, Bumpershoot and the Seattle Festival of Improvised theater he has also performed in such Out of town festivals as the Toronto Improv Festival, Chicago Sketchfest, Vancouver Sketchfest, The LA Improv festival, Idaho Laughfest, Austin’s Out of Bounds Comedy festival, and The Del Close Marathon in New York. Matt really enjoys monsters from folklore, super weird movies, armadillos and drinking juice.

50% Less Bear: Untitled J.J. Abrams Premise

[Performances at the Pocket are $10 online and $14 at the door. Online sales close 4pm day of show.]

Using only the best improvisation, your suggestions, and a mysterious artifact from the future/past, we’ll craft you a thrilling story full of intrigue and puzzlessome of which we might even solve!

Friday, February 19th @ 8:30pm
Tickets http://bit.ly/JJPremise

Show Description Currently at the helm of two mega-franchises, J.J. Abrams is one of the biggest acronyms in modern movie magic, and from Felicity” to Star Wars, he’s left a trail of brow-furrowing mysteries and unresolved plots in his wake. Did you get lost watching Lost”? Feel on the outskirts of Fringe”? Thrown for a loop by so many timelines? Prepare yourself for the one thing you never thought you’d get from a J.J. Abrams show: ANSWERS! Step behind the lens flares as Fifty Percent Less Bear shows you how to build a massively complicated sci-fi tinged set of parallel universes without really trying! Using only the best improvisation, your suggestions, and a mysterious artifact from the future/past, we’ll craft you a thrilling story full of intrigue and puzzlessome of which we might even solve!

Samantha Demboski,
Kevin Parker,
Gary Stensland,
Noah Tierney,
Ann Zimmerschied

Producer bio In the past year, they’ve explored the world according to Bop-It, the future of dystopian comedy game shows, the ethics of home invasion, the continuing tales of the lovable animal residents of the One Hundred Acre Solid-Wood, and the should-be friendship and antics of Werner Herzog and Lars Von Trier. Also, there used to be more bear.

Improv Month at the Pocket

During the entire month of January 50+ improv groups and 100+ improvisors from all over Seattle (and a few from Portland) will descend upon the Pocket for mirth, merriment, and general mingling. It’s going to be an awesome time! Here’s the full schedule of events!

Tickets http://www.thepocket.org/see
Specific show links below

Sponsored by The Seattle Festival of Improvised Theater & Jet City Improv

-Week 1-
Fri, Jan 1 @ 8:00 – Sophisticated Shimmy & In One Ear
Fri, Jan 1 @ 9:30 – Novel/Sexy, Bares, The Basement & Romp House
Sat, Jan 2 @ 8:30 – Porchlandia & Alex n’ Ben
Sat, Jan 2 @ 10:00 – Natasha & DChao

-Week 2-
Fri, Jan 8 @ 7:00 – New Phone Who Dis? & 50% Less Bear
Fri, Jan 8 @ 8:30 – Boots n’ Cats & Turntstyles
Fri, Jan 8 @ 8:30 – TBD & Bunker 13
Sat, Jan 9 @ 8:30 – East Side Story & Phill n’ Ian
Sat, Jan 9 @ 10:00 Professor Gordon, Carskee & Sick Flicks

-Week 3-
Thur Jan 14 @ 8:00 The Jelly (Open Improv Jam)
Fri, Jan 15 @ 7:00 – Alone Together & Upfront Theatre
Fri, Jan 15 @ 8:30 Rock Bottom & Human Propaganda
Fri, Jan 15 @ 10:00 Biblical Proportions & Half Sister
Sat, Jan 16 @ 7:00 – Bares, 50 % Less Bear, Comedy Island & FEELINGS
Sat, Jan 16 @ 8:30 – Mendenhall & High Stakes
Sat, Jan 16 @ 10:00 Death and Taxes, Special teams
Sat, Jan 16 @ 11:00 Sob Stories (Show up and Perform)
Sat, Jan 17 @ 5:00 THE STORM! (Improv Marathon)

-Week 4-
Fri, Jan 22 @ 7:00 – Problem Party & Nightmare Fairies
Fri, Jan 22 @ 8:30 – Eye Contact & 12 Angry Men
Fri, Jan 22 @ 10:00 Scenic Detour & Dunk vs High
Sat, Jan 23 @ 5:30 – Generation Gap & Sassy
Sat, Jan 23 @ 7:00 – Fentescu & Mr Snake
Sat, Jan 23 @ 8:30 – Romp House & Church Teeth
Sat, Jan 23 @ 10:00 – Dan n’ Kara & Boots ‘n Cats
Sat, Jan 23 @ 11:00 Facebook Night (Show up and perform)

-Week 5-
Thur Jan 28 @ 8:00 Interrobang?! ____________
Fri, Jan 29 @ 7:00 – Pint of Life & Half Sister
Fri, Jan 29 @ 8:30 Rock Bottom & Gloomwhisper Entrancement
Fri, Jan 29 @ 10:00 Duck Duck Scissors w/ AJ Shay
Sat, Jan 30 @ 5:30 Duck Duck Scissors & Comedy Court
Sat, Jan 30 @ 7:00 – Mr Snake & Womb Escape Champs
Sat, Jan 30 @ 8:30 – Ape Club & FEELINGS
Sat, Jan 30 @ 10:00 – Alone together & Cage Match!
Sat, Jan 30 @ 11:00 Dust Up Finale (Show up and Perform)

Direct ticket links for each group
12 Angry Me http://bit.ly/12angmen
A Sophisticated Shimmy http://bit.ly/Sophshimmy
Alex & Ben – http://bit.ly/alexandben
Alone Together http://bit.ly/IMAlone
Ape Club http://bit.ly/IMApe
BARES http://bit.ly/Baress
Biblical Proportions http://bit.ly/IMBibProp
Boots&Cats – http://bit.ly/bootcat
Bunker 13 http://bit.ly/BUNKER13
Carskee http://bit.ly/IMcarskee
Church Teeth http://bit.ly/IMChurchT
Comedy Court http://bit.ly/IMCourt
Comedy Island http://bit.ly/IMCisland
Dan & Kara – http://bit.ly/IMDnK
Dchao http://bit.ly/Dchaoo
Death and Taxes http://bit.ly/IMDtaxes
Druck vs High http://bit.ly/IMdrunkVShigh
Duck Duck Scissors http://bit.ly/IMDDS
East Side Story http://bit.ly/IMESS
Fentescu http://bit.ly/IMFent
Fifty Percent Less Bear http://bit.ly/Lessbear
Half Sister http://bit.ly/IMHalfS
High Steaks http://bit.ly/IMHStakes
HUMAN PROPAGANDA http://bit.ly/IMHprop
In One Ear http://bit.ly/in1ear
Interrobang?! Improv http://bit.ly/IMint
Mendenhall http://bit.ly/IMendenhall
Mr. Snake http://bit.ly/IMmrSnake
Natasha http://bit.ly/nnatasha
New Phone, who Dis? http://bit.ly/newphonee
Nightmare Fairies http://bit.ly/nightfairies
Sick Flicks http://bit.ly/IMSICK
Novel & Sexy – http://bit.ly/novelsexy
Phill and Ian’s 20-minute Radio Hour http://bit.ly/IMPI20RH
Pint of Life http://bit.ly/IMpint
Porchlandia http://bit.ly/porchlandia
Problem Party http://bit.ly/problemparty
Professor Gordon http://bit.ly/IMGordon
Cage Match http://bit.ly/IMCageM
Rock Bottom http://bit.ly/IMRbottom
Romp House http://bit.ly/Romphouse
Sassy http://bit.ly/sasssy
Scenic Detour http://bit.ly/IMScenic
Special teams http://bit.ly/IMSteams
The Basement http://bit.ly/IMBasement
The Eye Contact Players http://bit.ly/eycontact
The Generation Gap http://bit.ly/generagap
The Gloomwhisper Entrancement http://bit.ly/IMgloom
The Storm http://bit.ly/IMStorm
The Upfront Theatre http://bit.ly/IMUpfront
Turntstyles http://bit.ly/turnstyless