Uncle Mike Ruins Christmas

You better watch out. You better not cry. The original Christmas creep is back for his tenth season of ruining your precious holiday memories right before your eyes! For those looking to escape the sickening sweetness of most holiday specials with a completely different sickening feeling, Jet City Improv is proud to announce the return […]

Death and Taxes presents: Imitation Crab

[Performances at the Pocket are $10 online and $14 at the door. Online sales close 4pm day of show.] From the comedy duo Death and Taxes comes Imitation Crab: It’s not what you think it’s going to be, but it’s exactly what you expect. Sunday, November 6th @ 6:30 PM Friday, November 11th @ 10:00 […]

Halloween Hell Harvest (of Comedy!)

Seattlecomedy.org presents its first ever original production: Halloween Hell Harvest (of Comedy!) A collaboration of a few of Seattle’s weirdest minded sketch comedy writers and performers creating an entirely new, dark, bizarre, and sometimes surreal collection of horror comedy sketches. HHH’’s sketches will range from strange and macabre looks at everyday places and events such […]

Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes is the comedy of Chris Allen and Graham Downing. The two met at Jet City Improv in Seattle and have been working together for nearly a decade. They joined forces to become Death and Taxes which performs sketch, improv, and whatever else people will let them do and have performed on stages […]

Cast Of One Season 2: Featuring Graham Downing

One featured improviser will perform a one-person production, in which they play every character. The audience will choose the story: any book, film or play ever created. With only the help of a quick glance at the synopsis, will they create an entirely improvised, once-in-a-lifetime adaptation of the work in question. In this show the […]

Smat! at Sketch Comedy Month

It’s your least favorite sketch comedy duo: Smat! If you loved Sarah McKinley and Matt Olson in their sketch comedy groups Part Plantand Drop the Root Beer and Run, you probably still won’t like them as Smat! But they don’t care, they’re putting on this show for you (or in spite of you) anyway! What […]

Late Night Happy Hour Presents: Alex & Ben, Porchlandia, and Death & Taxes!

Come get some of the best improv comedy (and the cheapest drinks) this city has to offer! This week brings the comedy stylings of: -Alex & Ben -Porchlandia -Death and Taxes Alex & Ben are each other’s own little brother. It will become obvious that time, space, and lacking a common parent doesn’t stop them […]

Death and Taxes Present: The Royal Wedding

[Performances at the Pocket are $10 online and $14 at the door. Online sales close 4pm day of show.] Death and Taxes Present: The Royal Wedding, their first full length sketch revue. Sunday, April 3rd @ 6:30pm & Saturday, April 9th @ 10pm http://bit.ly/Deathandtaxes Show Description – The Royal Wedding is marriage between the smart […]

Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery- September Edition!

Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery is a love letter to the strangeness and talent that walks amongst us. Each show features brilliant people doing things outside of their comfort zones or the things they are really good at. Prizes are won! Friends are made! Nightmares are shared and Joy is experienced! Featuring the talents […]

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