Uncle Mike Ruins Christmas

You better watch out. You better not cry. The original Christmas creep is back for his tenth season of ruining your precious holiday memories right before your eyes! For those looking to escape the sickening sweetness of most holiday specials with a completely different sickening feeling, Jet City Improv is proud to announce the return […]

A(n Improvised) Christmas Carol

We all know the story of Charles Dickens classic, “A Christmas Carol”. Or do we…? Unexpected Productions brings back its holiday favorite, A(n Improvised) Christmas Carol. Based on your suggestions, the improvisers bend and twist Charles Dickens’ tale of Ebenezer Scrooge in all sorts of hilarious directions — and each show is different. Where does […]

Weirder Stuff

From the creator of “Cypher Saturday” and “Cast of One,” here comes a brand new improvised experience. Watch as a small-town mystery unfolds, is investigated, and gets solved before your very eyes. Or perhaps see the cover-up happen right in front of you. You pick the date, and you pick the town. We’ll do the […]

Blood Squad: All Hallows’ Cleave

Blood Squad & Annex Theatre Present “All Hallows’ Cleave” As children go happily costumed from house to house amidst lawns festooned with carved pumpkins, dodging Styrofoam headstones and plastic skeletons, it waits. As they pour out their bags of candy onto the soft, warm rug of their cozy living rooms and tear into chocolate, taffy […]

Mr.Rogers After Dark

Now that you’re an adult, who is left to tell you you’re special, and hold your hand as you navigate new experiences and feelings? Mr. Rogers and Lady Aberlin won’t let you down. Trouble at work? In your relationship? Downstairs grooming? Mr Rogers, and Lady Aberlin, and the gang from the Neighborhood will make the […]

Drunk Vs. High

You think you’re funnier when you’re drunk? … or maybe when you’re hiiiiIIIIIIIIGGH? Well so do these two teams! One group will drink deep from the well of Booze, whilst the other rides the green train. Then they’ll do their best to entertain you. You pick who’s funniest… You could imbibe too… no pressure. Enjoy! […]

Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes is the comedy of Chris Allen and Graham Downing. The two met at Jet City Improv in Seattle and have been working together for nearly a decade. They joined forces to become Death and Taxes which performs sketch, improv, and whatever else people will let them do and have performed on stages […]


Mr. Snake is a long form improv group that takes a suggestion, deconstructs it, and turns it into something fun and exciting! Mr. Snake is Reid Backstrom, Elizabeth Brammer, Jennifer Cargill, Stephen Carter, Renee Lynch, Paul Neet, Erin Plischke, Evan Seeder, and Amanda Walker. FACEBOOK


Matt Hatfield and Renee Lynch or “Matt-enee”, as they so cleverly call themselves, begin their set apart with two separate but simultaneous monologues before delving into a series of scenes that explore the themes discovered in those monologues and how characters and relationships can be affected by them. Some times things get “real” and most […]

Candy Pants: The Return

[Performances at the Pocket are $10 online and $14 at the door. Online sales close 4pm day of show.] Chicago improv meets Seattle improv for a one-night only show. Thursday, September 1st @ 9:15pm Tickets: http://bit.ly/CandyReturn Show Description – You will see the return of Kat Wertzler and Eric Canan from Chicago. They will join […]

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