Specific Northwest Episode 5

[Performances at the Pocket are $10 online and $14 at the door. Online sales close 4pm day of show.] February 20th @ 10pm http://bit.ly/specificnw Specific Northwest: Episode 5 From the minds behind several of Seattle’s funniest sketch comedy groups comes a bi-monthly topical sketch comedy show, SPECIFIC NORTHWEST. Featuring rotating members from the sketch comedy […]

Here Now Some History

Here Now Some History – #12

The movie “Steve Jobs” is dominating the award season chatter and doing whatever the opposite of dominating is when it comes to the box office. Having just seen it, I can confirm it is an audacious, ambitious and adventurous tale of an epic professional life told in whatever the opposite of epic is in terms […]

Here Now Some History

Here Now Some History – #11

Adam and Eve, moments after the first bite of the forbidden fruit… ADAM: An apple!? EVE: Look, anyone could have made that mistake. ADAM: Anyone? Anyone? There are two of us Eve! Not anyone could have made that mistake because there’s only TWO OF US! EVE: Calm down! ADAM: Calm down? You damned humanity over […]

Here Now Some History

Here Now Some History – #8

The 2016 Presidential Election season is in full swing. 16 Republican candidates remain. Apparently, there are also Democrats running too (not counting Donald Trump). (But yeah) (Totally also counting Donald Trump) As the Republican field continues to whittle down after the recent departures of Rick Perry and Scott Walker, it’s enough to make one look […]

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