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Sketchy Santa

[Performances at the Pocket are $10 online and $14 at the door. Online sales close 4pm day of show.]
The gift of comedy from one comedian to another. Priceless!

Sunday, December 11th @ 6:30pm

Tickets http://bit.ly/SketchSan2016

Show Description HO HO HO! HA HA HA! What happens when comedians are allowed to write for their peers… anonymously. It’s like secret santa, but with comedians. If you like kooky comedy, you’ll love seeing how comedians delight/mess with each other. Holiday style!

Participating groups TBA!
Produced by Clayton Weller

Producer bio Clayton was the artistic director of SketchFest for 5 years. He now runs two theaters in Seattle. He’s boy-banded 4 of seattle’s most prolific comedy groups, and teaches/produces his own shows constantly. He’s a libra.

BEEF! The Juicy Debut

You hungry? For COMEDY?? Come see the finely marbled premiere of BEEF! atSketch Comedy Month!, sponsored by SketchFest Seattle!!

April 30th @ 8:30pm w/ Ra-Ra Rasputin
May 20th @ 7:00pm w/ Together Again

Tickets available HERE: http://bit.ly/BEEFsm ($10 online, $14 at the door)

It’s scripted comedy so expertly rendered and sumptuously seasoned, you’ll forget you’re watching the most hilarious show of your lives and not actually shoving a delectable beefsteak in your laugh hole! Your salivary glands will do what they do best (persuade you to buy tickets online!) when you hear all the great things BEEF! is…
Brian Borra!
Samantha Demboski!
Raul Lezcano!
Robby Zinchak

Get up in that grill!

The Ballard Boyz Present: Variety Hour! SEASON PREMIERE

Last month CEO of the Atlas Theatre, Alex Grindeland, threatened The Ballard Boyz with cancellation!

Can the Boyz draw a large enough audience to appease the boss?

Will they give into his demands and perform a song that sings his praises? Tune in this week to find out!

Timmy Booth!
LA Henderson!
The Improvinati!
and real life teenager, Spencer Klein!

7pm @The Atlas Theater. $5

Villains Vs. Sketch Month

Villains makes their debut in a malicious, existential, tolerable, Swedish show with gusto!

May 7th at 8:30 with Drop the Rootbeer & Run
May 20th at 8:30 with Liz & Joel


Erik Knuckles” Bergset
Emily Side-eye” Rychlick
Jordan Babyface” Moeller
Noah Low-Brow” Tierney
Hannah Hammertoe” Schirman

Get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/VILLsm
$10 online, $14 at the door.

Smat! at Sketch Comedy Month

It’s your least favorite sketch comedy duo: Smat!

If you loved Sarah McKinley and Matt Olson in their sketch comedy groups Part Plantand Drop the Root Beer and Run, you probably still won’t like them as Smat! But they don’t care, they’re putting on this show for you (or in spite of you) anyway! What are you gonna do to stop them? What could you possibly do, huh? You’re weak. You’re powerless. You’re part of the problem. You’re Smat!, too!

Get your tickets now before someone else buys them all so nobody can see the show: http://bit.ly/SMATsm2016

Smat has graciously agreed to share their Sketch Comedy Month! time slot against their will with the brilliant Death and Taxes, starring Chris Allen and Graham Downing.

Getting Naked with Friends

Getting Naked with Friends is a sketch group that wears clothes! It’s a rare thing these days, but we do it with pride. In our show, you’ll see sketches that make you laugh, and also other sketches that make you laugh too. The main thing to know? We write funny sketches that cover topics all over the board. Right now we’ve got some in the can about drugs, some about sex, and even some about rock and roll/political dissidence. We don’t know what you’ll see on the 12th yet, but we do know this: If the New York Times reviewed us, they’d say That show was funny AND educational for all ages assuming the kids don’t mind adult language and content.

Kayla Teel
Anthony Householder
Elena Martinez
Evan McCarty
Ezra Parter

Etch and Sketch

[This is a pay-what-you-will event. RSVP if you want to make sure there’s space]

Tickets http://bit.ly/etchANDsketch

Show Description The Pocket Theater and SketchFest Seattle presents Etch & Sketch, a sketch comedy showcase for Seattle’s working sketch troupes and comedy writers. See brand new sketch comedians and sketch comedy veterans alike trying out new material and old favorites. Risks will taken, lines will be crossed, surprises will be unearthed!

This month featuring
Super Famous
Sober Virgin
The Ballard Boyz
A set from SketchFest Seattle’s latest mashup workshop.
A long awaited return to sketch comedy from Cory Nealy and Val Bush!
(Up In Your Grill, Flaming Box Of Stuff)
The brand new sketch group Ra-Ra-Rasputin!
and a solo set from Part Plants Jeff Nickles!
and Part Plant!

Hosted by Matt Olson

Etch & Sketch is a resource for anyone who writes comedy. If you want your written material performed at our show, then so do we! Just email education@sketchfest.org and we’ll make it happen!

Tickets http://bit.ly/etchANDsketch

Sketchfest 2015!

COMEDY! You want to laugh. You want to feel that deep hilarious pain in your abdomen as you gasp for air between deep belly guffaws. You want to see how Seattle comedy is different from performances brought in from all over North america. You want to come to SKETCHFEST 2015!

Sponsored by: Sidecar, St Johns, 4 Culture, Office of Arts & Culture, Pabst Blue Ribbon, SubPop Records, Theo Chocolate, and City Arts Magazine.

Full Schedule here http://www.sketchfest.org/2015-festival/

Every year SketchFest brings the best sketch comedians from around the world and pairs them with local favorites. This year the festival sports groups touring from New York, Austin, LA, and even Edmonton!

And if that weren’t enough, SketchFest presents the return of the Comedy Film Challenge: 12 short films, three celebrity guest judges, two cash prizes, one incredibly funny evening. So buy your tickets today!

Shows taking place at 3 venues
Annex Theatre (Sept 25 & 26)
Pocket Theater (Sept 13, 17, 18, 20, & 24)
Central Cinema (Sept 19)

Full list of groups

Out of Town Headliners
Charles (LA),
Girls w/ Brown Hair (NYC),
Vanessa Gonzalez (Austin),
Gossamer Obsessions (Edmonton)

Local Headliners
Drop the Root Beer and Run
Day Job
Ubiquitous They

Local Spotlight
Specific NW, Super Famous, Lake Party, Hip.Bang!, Ian Schuelke Wants a TV Show, Part Plant, Liz & Joel

Local Lottery
5 Stars, Pork Filled Players, Deep Lez, The Mighty Mighty Mixed Nuts, Ballard Boyz, Getting Naked w/ Friends, The Red Sun, Really Entertaining Show, Approximate PhD, Philip Schallberger, Sober Virgin, Tomato Tomato

Emmett Montgomery,
Mona Concepcion,
Caitlin Weierhouser,
Christan Leonard