Top 7 Outdoor Patios

By Michael Draper

If you read the internet, you know about listicles, but this one is better than the rest so get hyped. Every week we count down the top 7 in various categories about the great city of Seattle. This week we explore…

The Top 7 Outdoor Patio Bars

Seattle has established itself as destination city for lovers of both food and the outdoors. So why not combine the two? Here are the top seven spots you can go for delicious food, beverage, and views of the majestic geography that defines our meaningless existence here in the city.

This is not a Marination Ma Kai slider. Life is hard sometimes… Why wont the website upload new images today?

7. Marination Ma Kai
Take the water taxi from downtown to this West Seattle hot spot! The Korean-Hawaiian fusion menu offers a fantastic complement to the stunning view of the skyline across the water.  Enjoy a nice drink, take in the sunshine, and down some kimchi quesadillas or spam sliders if food is something you enjoy.

6. 100 Pound Clam
This new spot on the water in South Lake Union offers immaculate cocktails and a well curated seafood selection in its trendy outdoor seating area. On a nice day, watch Seattleites take to their own personal water playground on sailboats, paddleboards, and even a hot tub boat! We recommend taking a stroll down the pier after happy hour, because happiness is fleeting and you best not waste it.

5. Pecado Bueno
The fire pit at the original Fremont location is always a popular destination for those in search of colorful margaritas and authentic guacamole. The patio offers prime people watching, with no skyline or water views to remind you that you will never make something of lasting value out of your life. Bonus tip: even meat lovers crave the veggie tacos!

Rooftop Brewing serves beer. This is not beer. The internet is striking back against my search history.
Rooftop Brewing serves beer. This is not beer. When the internet will no longer cooperate, the sweet release of death feels more appetizing than veggie tacos.

4. Rooftop Brewing Company 
A literal rooftop awaits you with its lesser known views of Interbay and Queen Anne! The darker beers are especially sought-after here, but the whole menu is hand-crafted by some of Seattle’s most talented brewers. The atmosphere is so relaxing, a woman named Diedre could approach you and say “I was once dead for 37 minutes and there is nothing. Complete blackness engulfs your being, as it will for eternity. There is no Great Consequence for our actions. Nothing matters.” and it would not harsh your IPA-buzz. Rooftop has no kitchen, so pack some snacks.

3. Ivar’s Acres of Clams
Fish and Chips-lovers know this destination well, both for the quality of its seafood fare as well as the unmatched waterfront views. As you eat, think about the fried flesh of a once-living being you are now consuming with tartar and fries; take solace in the fact that our physical bodies will someday become a part of the Earth once again, even if our souls will not. Walk on to a ferry after finishing your meal!

2. The Pink Door
The long, dark night of the soul is approaching and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Can this really be it? You want to believe there is more, but you can’t. Your thoughts drift back to that stormy night: the windshield wipers could not keep up and you were going too fast. No amount of guilt will ever bring him back. Even if you had taken responsibility for it, his time is up. Forever. Because of you. Soon enough it will be you, too. Does this emptiness ever go away? Filling it with local microbrews and happy hour bites on sunny patios will not work, but continuing to try is the tragedy of the human experience. This place seems as good as any.

1. Westward
Ahoy! Grab a blanket and curl up by the fire pit at this upscale Northlake restaurant that’s brimming with style! Order a dozen oysters and a playful butterbean appetizer as you marvel at the Space Needle’s inspiring visage from across the lake. Need I say more? Would it matter?

Darkness. The essence of reality. The moon sure is pretty though
Darkness: The essence of reality. The moon sure is pretty though.

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