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Retirement is a lovely concept – think cruises, lie-ins, reading on the beach, etc. But the reality can be somewhat underwhelming, and indeed, those years can often be very challenging – both for health reasons and financially.

People are living longer than ever before, with many now expecting to live at least 15 years after finishing work. In 2013-2015, men aged 65 could expect to live to age 83, whilst for a woman, it was 86.

Three of the main reasons that people struggle financially in their retirement are discussed below.

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  1. Spending too much too soon

    This is something that is so easy to do.

    Often, people are keen to make the most of the early years of their retirement, where travelling is easier and taking up hobbies such as golf seems more worthwhile. This makes sense, but it is key to remember that you could potentially spend two or three decades in retirement.

    Withdrawing your tax-free lump sum as soon as you hit retirement can be very tempting – especially if you want to use it for something specific (perhaps to help your son or daughter onto the housing ladder).

    If you are a financial advisor, there is all sorts of software for financial advisors available. To discover more, why not take a look at the website of a specialist in the area such as, today?

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  1. Not reviewing pension investments

    You should really be reviewing your investments regularly (even before you reach retirement) to enable you to get the most from them and plan for the future. It is useful to have a rough idea as to what return you can expect from your investments.

    3. Withdrawing your pension into your current account

    This may seem like the sensible thing to do, as it gives easy access to your money, but in reality, current accounts give little or no interest, so it makes sense to look at other options. If you intend to withdraw the maximum 25% tax-free lump sum that you are allowed to, you will want to make sure it goes in an account that is both accessible and generates interest – because it may have to last you a while. Having it in your current account can make it too easy to spend and it will not generate any interest.

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Successful eCommerce depends upon the ability to influence conversion rates. Regardless of volume of traffic, if customers won’t purchase, eCommerce strategies need to be revised.

According to recent ecommerce data, revenue from online purchasing increased by over 18%, indicating the growing trust consumers are placing in web purchasing.

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This growing trend for online shopping has generated renewed enthusiasm for businesses to optimize the look and feel of their websites. Business owners are focusing more than ever on style, optimization and design, to maximize their ability to gain consumer trust. With industry giants such as Amazon broadening their commercial offerings, this trend in eCommerce growth looks set to continue indefinitely.

Neglect content, neglect customers

However firms like Belfast SEO found on sites like warn that business owners should not neglect quality content in favour of increasingly technical and interactive sites. Understanding the relationship between content and eCommerce conversion rates is still a critical element of winning customer trust, and persuading consumers to purchase online.

While consumers are coming to expect greater functionality, there is still a clear expectation that professional sites will include high-quality copy. Customers want to see clearly-written content that details company information, provides helpful guidance on products and services, and develops a sense that the firm is responsive and trustworthy.

Convert browsing to buying

Quality content creation is as much about understanding the target customer, as having an effective writer to create content. Knowing the age, outlook and expectations of the company’s target audience enables firms to tailor messages to appeal to their ideal customer base. A site specializing in skateboarding won’t improve conversions by using tired language, just as a funeral director will fail if they use an unsympathetic voice.

The most effective content for conversion is targeted, focused and packed with ‘power’ words – language which motivates, prompts consumers to act, and sells. Influence to purchase can be generated by swapping commonplace adjectives such as ‘nice’ for ‘stunning’, brightening text and seeking an emotional response from the reader.

Successful businesses understand that conversion starts with quality content, maximizing consumer engagement through targeted language.

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If you’ve never been glamping, then you are really missing out. It offers the perfect combination of getting back to nature but with supreme comfort and luxury thrown in too. Staycations are becoming increasingly popular, with many people deciding to discover the hidden gems of their home country without jetting off abroad. Here are some compelling reasons to book your glamping trip today:

A new experience

Although the concept of glamping has been around for a few years now, many people are yet to try it out. If you’re looking for something new, be it a tree house, yurt, safari lodge or shepherd’s hut, you’ll be sure to have an interesting and totally unique holiday that you’ll want to repeat again next year.

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Special family time

One of the best things about glamping is escaping the rat race and enjoying some time in the great outdoors. It’s an opportunity for quality family time, away from the internet and gaming, emails and voicemail. Whether you are travelling with kids or as a couple, you’ll love the chance to talk, laugh, play and relax without technology interrupting repeatedly.  Also with glamping you haven’t got to worry about what time of year you go as they have all the mod cons and really good heating available. They will have thought about space saving ideas so they may have installed Aluminium Radiators UK products. These will keep the heat in better and come in different shapes, sizes and colours sourced from links including .


To be able to stand outside, take a deep lungful of clean, fresh air and gaze at the night sky full of stars is a chance we don’t get very often in our hectic lives. Glamping sites are located in rural areas, on the edges of small villages or towns, away from car fumes, noise and light pollution. Simply lie on your back and enjoy nature’s twinkly light show.

Less fuss

Camping is hard work, let’s be honest. There are so many bits of equipment to remember, setting up normally ends in arguments and if the weather is poor, it can really sink the mood. When you go glamping however, you just turn up, kick back and start enjoying your holiday straight away.

Dining alfresco

Another great thing about the glamping experience is the chance to dine outdoors. Who doesn’t love a good summer BBQ? You’ll be in a fantastic rural location with access to delicious fresh local produce. This could be a foodie’s paradise! There’s something immensely satisfying about cooking and eating outdoors, followed by a relaxing evening of games under the stars.

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Often the more basic things in life are the most pleasurable. Glamping offers the ideal chance to wind down, enjoy the moment and forget about your hectic schedule. There is nowhere you need to be, time no longer matters. You’ll feel the tension evaporate from your neck and shoulders, as you re-attune yourself to the beauty of nature and the simple pleasures in life.

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The turbulent economic times that we live in mean that getting onto the property ladder has never been harder.

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But for some, the perks of renting outweigh the burden of homeownership anyway. A report in the Business Insider suggests that many American Millennials are renting because they prefer the flexibility and want to avoid the ‘hidden costs of homeownership’.

Here are some things that you need to consider and be aware of as a first-time renter.

Set your budget

It’s important to ensure that you can afford a rental before taking the plunge. Along with the regular monthly costs of rent, utility bills, council tax and any other bills (such as TV, line rental, broadband and so on) you will usually have some upfront costs to pay at the start of the tenancy. Often a security deposit and the first month’s rent are required as standard. A tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract so make sure you can afford to commit to the rental.

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View the properties

Take time to shop around and definitely view various properties before signing anything. Avoid the temptation to opt for the first property you see. Asking to see the gas safety certificate (which should be checked annually) is a good starting point to ensure a property is safe. You’ll also want to take note of any obvious signs of damage or disrepair as this will need to be noted on the inventory. Speaking of which…

Ask for an inventory

An inventory is there to protect both the tenant and the landlord. It is carried out at the beginning of the tenancy and documents the state of the property from decor, fixtures and fittings, furniture and any other contents that come with the property. It can be done in great detail using property inventory software such as If there are any disputes later down the line then this should be enough to iron them out.

Practical preparations

Before moving day you’ll want to ensure that you have the basics for living alone. If your property is unfurnished there will be a lot to think about including soft furnishings like curtains. As soon as you move in make sure that you take meter readings so that you can set up accurate accounts for your utilities.

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When you hear the words “Will you be my best man” you will feel the happiest ever at the thought of your family member or close friend asking you to take on this important role on their big day. However, when it comes to planning the stag party you suddenly realize how stressful this role can be. With people from different places come together to celebrate with the groom to be it can be hard to find a date and time that everyone can make, let alone an activity that everyone will be happy with. There are a number of full proof activities that you can consider for your event:

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Tank Driving experiences such as the ones available from are a great way to bring together people from lots of different backgrounds and create an instant bond. You can each take it in turns to drive the tank and perhaps even score each other and create an element of competition.

Paintballing is another option that allows for everyone to get to know one another whilst taking part in an activity. Create teams and see which one comes out victorious.

Karting – what man doesn’t enjoy the thrill of sitting in a kart and racing around a track. Especially if there is a chance to beat everyone else. Why not set up a grand Prix style event and see which lucky person comes out on top.

After you have taken part in the chosen activity why not de-camp to a restaurant or your favorite pub or curry house for a nice meal with the guys. This is a chance for your group to chat about the day’s activities and enjoy a laugh about each person’s efforts in your chosen event. Your meal will also help to line your stomach before you all head off for a night out on the town. You may find that at this point some of the group decide to head back home and this tends to be the fathers of the groom and the bride and let the groom and his friends head off for a night of drinking, dancing, and laughter.

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Once the stag does is over you can relax and focus on the big day ahead and ensuring that the groom’s wedding goes ahead without any hitches and you can watch your friend beaming with happiness on one of the biggest days of their life.

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Ships from the past are incredibly impressive to look at. Most were made from wood and so were much harder to repair than their metal counterparts where metal bonding adhesive, like that available from can be used where necessary. There are many ships that were at the forefront of notable sea battles that have since been lost to the depths below.

1.The Flor de la Mar

Meaning ‘Flower of the Sea’, this Portuguese ship was built in 1502 and was instrumental in the capture of the island of Malacca for the nation. The reason that this ship is so sought after is the rumor that it was carrying a huge cargo of gold, rare artifacts and gems. The treasure was headed for Queen Dona Maria and King Manuel I of Portugal, but it never arrived.

The tale goes that after loading the ship with as much plundered treasure as would fit, a violent storm hit the ship in 1511 when it was on its way from Malacca to Lisbon. It shipwrecked somewhere just off the coast of Sumatra, having been split in two by the force of the storm. The precious cargo was lost to the sea as the ship completely sank. Many divers have searched but the whereabouts of the lost Flora de la Mar and its priceless cargo remain a mystery.

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2.HMS Endeavour

This was the first European ship to sail to the east coast of Australia and around New Zealand under the captainship of James Cook. Years later, it was sold privately and renamed The Lord Sandwich. The Royal Navy chartered the ship to take troops to New England during the American Revolution. During one fateful night in 1778, while it was moored in Newport Harbour, Rhode Island, it was sunk on purpose with 13 other ships by an incoming French fleet. Despite the ruins of the ship having been located, the Endeavour is proving tricky to retrieve and remains elusive even to this day.

3.Santa Maria

What ship could be more legendary than the very one used to sail Christopher Columbus to the New World? He took 3 ships on his voyage – the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

They all made it to the New World but only 2 returned to Spain. It is said that on Christmas Eve 1492, the sailor steering the Santa Maria told an inexperienced cabin boy to do it for him. Sadly, the cabin boy ran into a coral reef almost straight away near Haiti and seriously damaged the ship.

The crew managed to salvage the cargo, with the help of island natives but the ship sank the following day. It is thought the ship sank into silt long ago on the sea bed.

In 2014, exciting news was released that the wreckage may have been found but closer examination revealed it to be the wreckage of a much later ship from the 17th or 18th centuries. Nobody knows where Santa Maria lies.

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Great web content will interest your audience and promote engagement, but poor web content will confuse your audience and encourage them to leave your website.

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If you want to make sure that your content is engaging, don’t make these common web page content mistakes.

Forgetting who your target audience is

All the content on your website should be tailored to your specific target audience, as this means your users will find the content interesting and useful. Cheltenham Boiler Repair companies such as are clear on the types of people that they are targetting throughout the year and will ensure that they carry out marketing activities throughout the year not just during the colder months when they naturally become incredibly busy.

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Putting important information at the bottom of the page

Lots of websites put important information, such as contact details and a content navigation bar, at the bottom of their page; however, this can mean that users struggle to find what they are looking for. Instead, display important information at both the top and the bottom of the page to ensure that users can easily find it without getting confused! It can also be useful to include navigation links in your content when applicable.

If you feel that you need assistance with these needs or your getting stuck when it comes to implementing your content there are lots of companies that can help with your web strategy and marketing.

Creating too much content

It can be tempting to push out lots and lots of content in a bid to improve your search engine ranking; in reality, it is more beneficial to create engaging content. Focus on creating a regular flow of useful content that your readers will benefit from, and make sure that every article includes relevant keywords and CTAS (call to action) to promote engagement and sales.

Creating overly-salesy content

It may seem pretty obvious, but it is still true: people don’t like evident advertising ploys. If your content is overly promotional, users will find it off-putting. This means they are more likely to leave your website and buy from a competitor, so it is important to make sure that your content is not too salesy.

If you want to make sure that your content is not too advertorial, make sure it is subtle. Go for phrases such as ‘you can find out more’ rather than ‘click here’ if you are trying to encourage users to buy a product or sign up to your service, and make sure your CTAs are tempting rather than pushy or desperate. In other words, make the user want to follow your CTA!


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A mouthguard is a tool that is placed in the mouth to protect against injury to teeth, lacerations to the mouth and fractures and dislocation of the jaw. There is clear support in the scientific literature for the use of mouth guard in contact sports such as rugby. In addition, there is proof that mouthguards are essential in protecting against concussions and spinal injuries.

There is a high level of acceptance of mouthguards by players and more and more are wearing mouth protectors regularly. This is the case among professional players but is also increasingly becoming quite high among semi and non-professional players. There is strong support among players and researchers for mouth protection to be made mandatory.

It is generally recommended that:  mouth protection is worn during training and play sessions; the habit of wearing mouth protection begins at an early age; mouth protectors are replaced regularly while the children are still growing up, and adult players replace their mouthguards at least every 2 years.

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The choice of mouth guard will depend on a number of factors including the individual’s age, effectiveness, and cost. Type I includes ‘off-the-shelf’ mouth protection, which is considered inferior when compared to other types available, and its use is not recommended. The next level of mouth protectors come in 2 forms, a shell-liner variety, and the commonly found ‘boil and bite’ option. Type III mouth guards (specially made) are recommended for players who play in more vulnerable positions and in higher classes.

The best type of protection begins with a material of at least 4 mm in the vital areas of potential impact – the front of teeth and underneath the molars – and means there is no large material where protection is not needed. It’s important that your athletes have the right level of protection for their specific sport or they could risk injury, whether training or in competitive matches. For a wealth of Rugby Drill information for your training sessions, visit

In order for your players to get the best protection and comfort from their mouth guards, they need to be worn properly. And it all starts with the fit.

Everyone’s mouths are different, so it’s important to ensure that they get mouth guards that are designed by considering the exact individual structure of their mouths. Their guard must be tight enough to remain firm on their upper teeth with no need to be supported by the lower jaw. There should be no need to clench the teeth or bite to hold it in.

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When a mouthguard fits snugly, it remains in place for any force and will not come off. It should never be able to escape and hover around the mouth. It should only be possible to remove the guard by pulling it with the finger.

Mouthguards today are very different from mouth guards in the past – fortunately! Gone are the days of boiling and biting on a large piece of rubber, because mouthguards are now produced using sophisticated materials and different option features to personalize the right guard for each individual player.


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It is usually hard to understand what to wear when the temperature rises. You will get times when you’d like to look a bit more sophisticated, snazzy and let’s be honest – alluring! Selecting dresses for the summer will make perfect sense because they are available in a multitude of types, shapes, and physical body sizes, so finding the perfect ones to suit you ought to be effortless. You could try a bunch of these on for size:

The Maxi Dress

Donning a Maxi is great fun and it can easily be used in a lot of unique ways. They provide an attractive feminine outline and are also comfortable and airy in the high temperatures of the summer months. Maxi dresses are excellent for keeping cool whilst not revealing all.  Maxi dresses are a smart option for any body shape and pair well with high heels or flats like sandals when you are a taller person.

Bodycon Dress

Observed a great deal on people in the TV limelight, the charm of this dress persists, apparent in the amount purchased in department stores throughout the country. Continuing to be cool and trendy, this dress is an attractive, flirty alternative for young women who just desire to have a great time, and its contour hugging shape divulges all of a young ladies’ feminine curves! Add a couple of heels for an instantaneous glam evening outlook or wear with sandals for a summers outing.


You can customize your flared dress preference by picking a style that includes the particular details you like such as a flared wrap, asymmetric frill,  or long sleeve. Whether you fancy them around the arms, from the chest or a fit and flare that comes out from under the waistline. This means there is a flared dress for just about everyone’s structure, covering up those parts you don’t necessarily want on show, such as using Skater Dresses, like the ones available from ax paris, to divert the eye away from your midsection.

Little Black Dress

You do not think you are able to wear a black dress in the summer, but the good thing about the little black coloured dress (LBD) is that it works anytime and anywhere. Don’t listen to those that say the black dress isn’t suitable for summer, because the timeless LBD will pay no consideration to the seasons, it simply works well all year round. Black flatters all sizes and shapes and the short black dress looks amazing when it is the centerpiece or as soon as paired with cheerful contemporary colours for visual comparison. Match up your little black dress with an adorable purse and eye-catching fashionable jewelry to deliver that super stunning look that is suitable for either day or night.

The Shirt Style

For anyone planning to always be at the height of fashion this summer, a long shirt dress has become very popular at the moment. You will find them in a wide variety of fabrics and patterns, offering you the opportunity to wear one for virtually any event and mix with a variety of fashion accessories. Shirt dresses supply a laid-back, thrown together feel and could possibly be paired up with stilettos or a flattering style, subject to the function.




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Ever since David Beckham was photographed wearing a sarong, if not before, we have seen an increasingly blurred divide between men’s and women’s clothing. The days of ‘blue are for boys and pink is for girls’ are long behind us as forward-thinking fashion brands continue to introduce a far more fluid approach to gender than seen ever before.

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The Growth of the Gender-Free Movement

Of course, femininity and flamboyance have never been restricted to just womenswear. Think about some of the outfits previously worn by Mick Jagger and David Bowie. They can hardly be described as conservative. Even royalty in the 17th century was known for its frills and decorativeness.

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The fact is that designers have been playing around with the idea of gender-neutrality for many years, but previously this resulted mainly in headline-grabbing attention rather than designs that could suit customers and actually end up being available for sale.

In recent times, designers have been tapping into the growing belief that gender boundaries are an outdated concept, and the catwalks are awash with designs that blur the traditional gender divide.

New labels, as well as many household designer names, have been displaying gender-neutral clothing, demonstrating the global appetite for neutrality when it comes to clothing. And the changing face of contemporary fashion appears to be paying off in the shops too.

Some brands have already introduced unisex collections aimed at men and women and are moving away from traditional store layouts which differentiate between men’s and women’s clothing.

An example of this could be Farah shirts, such as those seen at, which were previously seen strictly in the domain of men’s clothing but could now be worn just as stylishly by people of any gender.

The Fluid Future of Fashion

With gender identity being the perception of gender an individual identifies with rather than the sex they were assigned at birth, there is now much more research being undertaken by organizations such as the Office for National Statistics.

However, the fluid approach already being seen in the fashion world looks set to stay. While it is unlikely to mean we will see men raiding women’s wardrobes or women raiding men’s any time soon, undoubtedly there is an appetite for far greater fluidity in clothing, and this surely points the way for the future.

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