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In a complete change of career, a former soldier from Fowey has started a dog walking business. Forced to cut his career short, he has built a business around two things he loves – fitness and dogs – and can help other dog walkers in the process.

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Life-changing injuries

Roy was serving in Afghanistan with the military police in 2010 when the vehicle he was traveling in went over an IED. Life-changing injuries resulted in him having to leave his career and start an arduous rehabilitation program. Now recovered, he has started a new business.
Dog walking

In addition to a dog walking service, Roy provides a taxi service for dogs and a home checking service whereby he will check on dogs who are left for long periods of time, such as during the working day. With the taxi service going so well he installed a Fleet Vehicle Tracking system sourced from to keep track of his vehicle and so when he gets more taxis he can make sure they are taking the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient way.  He will feed the dogs and take them out to stretch their legs while the owners get on with their day safe in the knowledge that their dogs are being looked after. Roy is providing a service for his community while looking after his own needs, ensuring he is keeping his fitness levels up after recovering from his injuries.

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As Roy is now a business owner and is dealing with members of the public, he has rightly taken the issue of safeguarding seriously and has ensured he has a CRB check. Having an up-to-date check gives people the confidence and the peace of mind necessary to enter into a business relationship with you. It demonstrates that you can work with vulnerable groups, such as children and at-risk adults.


People treat their dogs as part of the family and want to know that they are in a safe pair of hands. They want to know that the person they are hiring does not have a history of violence or other criminal activity that would make them unsuitable for looking after dogs or having access to their home while they are out. Being trustworthy is an extremely important quality when choosing a carer or dog walker.

By declaring that he has been CRB checked, Roy is confident his clients will be assured of his professionalism and that his work experience will gain him many furry followers.

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