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The turbulent economic times that we live in mean that getting onto the property ladder has never been harder.

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But for some, the perks of renting outweigh the burden of homeownership anyway. A report in the Business Insider suggests that many American Millennials are renting because they prefer the flexibility and want to avoid the ‘hidden costs of homeownership’.

Here are some things that you need to consider and be aware of as a first-time renter.

Set your budget

It’s important to ensure that you can afford a rental before taking the plunge. Along with the regular monthly costs of rent, utility bills, council tax and any other bills (such as TV, line rental, broadband and so on) you will usually have some upfront costs to pay at the start of the tenancy. Often a security deposit and the first month’s rent are required as standard. A tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract so make sure you can afford to commit to the rental.

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View the properties

Take time to shop around and definitely view various properties before signing anything. Avoid the temptation to opt for the first property you see. Asking to see the gas safety certificate (which should be checked annually) is a good starting point to ensure a property is safe. You’ll also want to take note of any obvious signs of damage or disrepair as this will need to be noted on the inventory. Speaking of which…

Ask for an inventory

An inventory is there to protect both the tenant and the landlord. It is carried out at the beginning of the tenancy and documents the state of the property from decor, fixtures and fittings, furniture and any other contents that come with the property. It can be done in great detail using property inventory software such as If there are any disputes later down the line then this should be enough to iron them out.

Practical preparations

Before moving day you’ll want to ensure that you have the basics for living alone. If your property is unfurnished there will be a lot to think about including soft furnishings like curtains. As soon as you move in make sure that you take meter readings so that you can set up accurate accounts for your utilities.

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Across the land of the UK, there is a surprising problem. It is one of the reasons that The National Trust, English Heritage, and the Historic Homes Association are in existence and it is simply that there are a lot of ruined old stately homes out there. When our economy was booming in the Victorian era and entrepreneurs were able to make a huge amount of money from one of the following ways such as the Slave trade, Sugar importation (cut and harvested by slaves), some other industries such as raw materials in the country like Coal (mined by males aged from 7 years up in poorly paid unsafe conditions) or by Cloth in mills (again serviced by all ages from 7 and upwards in poorly paid and unsafe conditions). These grand homes were the epitome of wealth and style usually rebuilt several times and also the feature majestic gardens and water features.

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Why then did so many ends up looking like they could well need a visit from those Double Glazing in Gloucester experts There are several reasons but the first is that the grand old aristocratic families could no longer afford to run them anymore. Don’t forget that they had to have a small army of maids, servants and garden staff to manage the whole thing. The upkeep was enormous and so when certain revenue streams became pinched and bloodlines became a bit too “related” they began to run into problems.

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The first issue was the abolition of slavery. The British are very keen to say that they ended slavery but they do rather like to forget that they also started it on an international level not seen since the Roman Empire (which they greatly admired and compared themselves to constantly). The other factor is that our ancestors became fed up to the back teeth with being treated like they were little more than inconsequential cattle. They decided that the sight of their children being mangled by a Spinning Jenny or finding that they had lost generations in a mining cave-in was not worth it. So they formed Unions (which were heavily suppressed) and by creating political parties to try and get things changed.

This was not always the case. Many Houses provided good working lives to many but they could not compete with the wages being paid by the Mills and factories that were sprouting up in the cities. However, when you wander some stately pile either complete or in ruins, don’t feel too bad about the state of it.

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Whenever house owners renovate or decorate a property, many consider new flooring as a part of the process.

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This will mean paying a visit to their local supplier of flooring tiles and making a choice about the material they wish to use.

Perennial Favourite

Tiling floors have been in vogue for thousands of years, but the modern homeowner has many more options than his Roman counterpart.

Laminate flooring is a great addition to flooring options. Old favorites such as vinyl and linoleum are also making a comeback, emphasizing consumers’ trust in hard-wearing floor coverings. They also offer retro designs that are currently popular.

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Wood or laminate tiles will, however, offer a sophisticated alternative while still being hardwearing. The subtle tones in this kind of flooring can also help with decorating decisions. Increasingly, homeowners look for inspiration in publications specializing in design.


Fashions change, and unless you are going to replace your flooring every few years, you may want to go for a classic tiled look, perhaps using natural colors.

Whichever kind of tile you choose, there are other advantages to be gained from this kind of flooring. Maintenance is much easier than it is with a hardwood floor, and regular cleaning can keep it in great shape. Laminate floors will also prove to be durable, providing value for money.

Finally, the choices available and adaptability of these floorings mean they are suitable for most rooms within the house.


This means if you ever go to sell your property it will hopefully appeal to a lot of people’s tastes.  This will make your property stand out to the rest.  You want to do as much as possible to be remembered as people look at all of the houses before they settle on their favorite and they all become a bit of a blur.  Generally, if the viewer feels it homely, sees its well looked after and sees the potential you have a good chance.  Some homeowners will even go as far as baking fresh bread to make the home smell delicious.  Now all you need to do is contact solicitor and get some Conveyancing Quotes and one location you can look at is

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The passion for 20th-century furniture remains strong and its durability seems to be caused by several factors. How can you tell if you are also in love with 20th-century design?

Many people call it a ‘new retro’, but has it ever really been out of date? The 1950s design movement began a fresh and classic look that combined elements of minimalist, organic, and fresh lines. Some of the best-known names from this era include Arne Jacobsen, Florence Knoll, and Ray and Charles Eames. Their pioneering design is still very much proven by the new furniture designs today. So, here’s how to find out if you have a 20th-century design bug:

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You like form, function, and simplicity

You have a strong desire for ceramics that focus on the pure, natural nature of modernism. You are attracted by sleek, classic and tubular designs.

You can’t get enough from the 50s and 60s

Love this era? If you want a drinks cabinet or furniture that features dark wood and corner lighting, then you must have something for your 50s and 60s.

You get excited because of great patterns

Patterns such as geometry and graphics are closely related to this design era, so if you buy hexagonal units and flashy patterned wallpapers, you might have a penchant for 20th-century decor.

You like classics

You have an eye for classic pieces and love items like the famous Eames chair for example. You already have at least one classic from this era, whether it’s an original piece or a stunning replica. Take a look at the Eames Chair from

You choose neutral decoration but colorful art

The color of your choice when it comes to decorating or choosing accessories including pastels, Nordic blues, teal, and earthy tones. When it comes to art, you love splashes of bright colors.

You aim to be lean and graceful

You can show off 20th-century interiors without realizing it if you have created a timeless yet relaxed living space.

Sit low

Do you find that you chose furniture that is low to the ground? You like the low line of a chair or sofa that is carried low and the illusion that results in having a much bigger room.

Everything is in detail

If a room is incomplete until you include some well-placed accessories that mean a lot to you, the room is free from clutter and you find the details important – then you are a mid-20th-century design lover!

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You might think that buying a park home is very different from buying a traditional brick house. However, in many ways, the purchase is very similar. This is still one of the biggest purchases that you will make in your life and a decision not to rush. There are many things to consider when buying property, some that apply to any place of residence and some that are unique to park homes. Here are some considerations for buying a park home:


One of the main things to consider with a park home is the issue of ownership agreements relating to your home. Parks must have proper planning and location licenses issued by local authorities in the area. The majority of ownership agreements mean that while you will own a home, you will not own the land where it sits. Depending on the site license, there may be different rules and regulations in different parks.

Most of the sites are completely residential, but if you buy at one that is designated as a holiday park, you know that you will not be able to live on the site throughout the entire year.

It is important to fully understand your agreement because if you end up breaking the agreement, you can face serious repercussions.

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This type of property is a very popular choice because it is often a more affordable alternative to bricks and mortar homes. Although, it is important to understand the additional costs that you will incur. If the property will be your main residence, you will be responsible for the council tax. Pitch fees will also be requested. There can also be separate costs for utilities such as gas, electricity, and water. Find out more about Park Homes for Sale in Bedfordshire at

Do I need a lawyer?

You don’t need one, but it is recommended for your peace of mind. Hiring a lawyer is standard practice for buying all types of property. With park homes being a fairly special type of construction, it might be more beneficial for you to get the help of a lawyer.

Do a survey

If the home you’re interested in is used goods, it might be a good idea to use a surveyor who specializes in these homes. They will examine every part of the house, inside, outside and below it to check for possible problems and advice on how to solve them.

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Know the rules of your site

All parks will have certain rules and it is important to understand this fully, so you don’t get any unpleasant surprises. General rules include age restrictions, with parks that usually only accept those over 50 years old. There are also rules about pets and restrictions on the number of vehicles that can be parked on location. The rules are designed to make the park comfortable and pleasant for everyone but may not be suitable for all.

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Keeping food at the correct temperatures is a vital part of catering, so it is worth investing in quality fridges and freezers to keep food products safe, hygienic and nutritious. For larger catering establishments and kitchens, it is worth investing in cold rooms as they have so many benefits over normal commercial fridges. Another benefit is the fact that you can find and install a cold room that meets your requirements to perfection.

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Planning ahead

Installing a cold room is a big investment. It pays to take time to carefully think about what you need. Take a look around your own establishment and work out your storage requirements. If your cold room is too big, you will be wasting money keeping empty spaces cool. If it is too small, the food will be crammed together and the cool air will be unable to circulate properly.

When deciding which is the best size for your business, you should also consider whether you want a walk-in room or a huge industrial space for large-scale storage and distribution. Walk-in cold rooms are convenient because you can walk around the shelves to see what you need. These are ideally suited to restaurants and caterers.

Make space for the shelves

When planning your cold room, remember to factor in the shelves. Shelving is convenient because you can see all the products you have. You can label the shelves and rearrange the food so that ingredients that are generally used together sit together. You could invest in Steel Shelving from companies like Rackzone to get sturdy and reliable merchandise.  You may want to create areas for starters, salads, main course ingredients, and desserts, for example.

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When planning your cold room, think about its location with an emphasis on convenience. You will still need commercial fridges for day-to-day storage and usage, but it’s worth considering how many times people are likely to have to go to the cold room. You don’t want your employees wasting valuable time running to the cold room and keeping customers waiting.

Another important consideration is to make sure it has good lighting. A darker room can feel much colder than a lighter one, and it is much safer to have a space that is bright.  You don’t want staff falling over, products being dropped or broken and time being lost.

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