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Successful eCommerce depends upon the ability to influence conversion rates. Regardless of volume of traffic, if customers won’t purchase, eCommerce strategies need to be revised.

According to recent ecommerce data, revenue from online purchasing increased by over 18%, indicating the growing trust consumers are placing in web purchasing.

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This growing trend for online shopping has generated renewed enthusiasm for businesses to optimize the look and feel of their websites. Business owners are focusing more than ever on style, optimization and design, to maximize their ability to gain consumer trust. With industry giants such as Amazon broadening their commercial offerings, this trend in eCommerce growth looks set to continue indefinitely.

Neglect content, neglect customers

However firms like Belfast SEO found on sites like warn that business owners should not neglect quality content in favour of increasingly technical and interactive sites. Understanding the relationship between content and eCommerce conversion rates is still a critical element of winning customer trust, and persuading consumers to purchase online.

While consumers are coming to expect greater functionality, there is still a clear expectation that professional sites will include high-quality copy. Customers want to see clearly-written content that details company information, provides helpful guidance on products and services, and develops a sense that the firm is responsive and trustworthy.

Convert browsing to buying

Quality content creation is as much about understanding the target customer, as having an effective writer to create content. Knowing the age, outlook and expectations of the company’s target audience enables firms to tailor messages to appeal to their ideal customer base. A site specializing in skateboarding won’t improve conversions by using tired language, just as a funeral director will fail if they use an unsympathetic voice.

The most effective content for conversion is targeted, focused and packed with ‘power’ words – language which motivates, prompts consumers to act, and sells. Influence to purchase can be generated by swapping commonplace adjectives such as ‘nice’ for ‘stunning’, brightening text and seeking an emotional response from the reader.

Successful businesses understand that conversion starts with quality content, maximizing consumer engagement through targeted language.

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Great web content will interest your audience and promote engagement, but poor web content will confuse your audience and encourage them to leave your website.

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If you want to make sure that your content is engaging, don’t make these common web page content mistakes.

Forgetting who your target audience is

All the content on your website should be tailored to your specific target audience, as this means your users will find the content interesting and useful. Cheltenham Boiler Repair companies such as are clear on the types of people that they are targetting throughout the year and will ensure that they carry out marketing activities throughout the year not just during the colder months when they naturally become incredibly busy.

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Putting important information at the bottom of the page

Lots of websites put important information, such as contact details and a content navigation bar, at the bottom of their page; however, this can mean that users struggle to find what they are looking for. Instead, display important information at both the top and the bottom of the page to ensure that users can easily find it without getting confused! It can also be useful to include navigation links in your content when applicable.

If you feel that you need assistance with these needs or your getting stuck when it comes to implementing your content there are lots of companies that can help with your web strategy and marketing.

Creating too much content

It can be tempting to push out lots and lots of content in a bid to improve your search engine ranking; in reality, it is more beneficial to create engaging content. Focus on creating a regular flow of useful content that your readers will benefit from, and make sure that every article includes relevant keywords and CTAS (call to action) to promote engagement and sales.

Creating overly-salesy content

It may seem pretty obvious, but it is still true: people don’t like evident advertising ploys. If your content is overly promotional, users will find it off-putting. This means they are more likely to leave your website and buy from a competitor, so it is important to make sure that your content is not too salesy.

If you want to make sure that your content is not too advertorial, make sure it is subtle. Go for phrases such as ‘you can find out more’ rather than ‘click here’ if you are trying to encourage users to buy a product or sign up to your service, and make sure your CTAs are tempting rather than pushy or desperate. In other words, make the user want to follow your CTA!


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