What a shame the glazing is gone

Across the land of the UK, there is a surprising problem. It is one of the reasons that The National Trust, English Heritage, and the Historic Homes Association are in existence and it is simply that there are a lot of ruined old stately homes out there. When our economy was booming in the Victorian era and entrepreneurs were able to make a huge amount of money from one of the following ways such as the Slave trade, Sugar importation (cut and harvested by slaves), some other industries such as raw materials in the country like Coal (mined by males aged from 7 years up in poorly paid unsafe conditions) or by Cloth in mills (again serviced by all ages from 7 and upwards in poorly paid and unsafe conditions). These grand homes were the epitome of wealth and style usually rebuilt several times and also the feature majestic gardens and water features.

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Why then did so many ends up looking like they could well need a visit from those Double Glazing in Gloucester experts https://www.firmfix.co.uk/? There are several reasons but the first is that the grand old aristocratic families could no longer afford to run them anymore. Don’t forget that they had to have a small army of maids, servants and garden staff to manage the whole thing. The upkeep was enormous and so when certain revenue streams became pinched and bloodlines became a bit too “related” they began to run into problems.

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The first issue was the abolition of slavery. The British are very keen to say that they ended slavery but they do rather like to forget that they also started it on an international level not seen since the Roman Empire (which they greatly admired and compared themselves to constantly). The other factor is that our ancestors became fed up to the back teeth with being treated like they were little more than inconsequential cattle. They decided that the sight of their children being mangled by a Spinning Jenny or finding that they had lost generations in a mining cave-in was not worth it. So they formed Unions (which were heavily suppressed) and by creating political parties to try and get things changed.

This was not always the case. Many Houses provided good working lives to many but they could not compete with the wages being paid by the Mills and factories that were sprouting up in the cities. However, when you wander some stately pile either complete or in ruins, don’t feel too bad about the state of it.

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