What to consider when installing a cold room

Keeping food at the correct temperatures is a vital part of catering, so it is worth investing in quality fridges and freezers to keep food products safe, hygienic and nutritious. For larger catering establishments and kitchens, it is worth investing in cold rooms as they have so many benefits over normal commercial fridges. Another benefit is the fact that you can find and install a cold room that meets your requirements to perfection.

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Planning ahead

Installing a cold room is a big investment. It pays to take time to carefully think about what you need. Take a look around your own establishment and work out your storage requirements. If your cold room is too big, you will be wasting money keeping empty spaces cool. If it is too small, the food will be crammed together and the cool air will be unable to circulate properly.

When deciding which is the best size for your business, you should also consider whether you want a walk-in room or a huge industrial space for large-scale storage and distribution. Walk-in cold rooms are convenient because you can walk around the shelves to see what you need. These are ideally suited to restaurants and caterers.

Make space for the shelves

When planning your cold room, remember to factor in the shelves. Shelving is convenient because you can see all the products you have. You can label the shelves and rearrange the food so that ingredients that are generally used together sit together. You could invest in Steel Shelving from companies like Rackzone to get sturdy and reliable merchandise.  You may want to create areas for starters, salads, main course ingredients, and desserts, for example.

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When planning your cold room, think about its location with an emphasis on convenience. You will still need commercial fridges for day-to-day storage and usage, but it’s worth considering how many times people are likely to have to go to the cold room. You don’t want your employees wasting valuable time running to the cold room and keeping customers waiting.

Another important consideration is to make sure it has good lighting. A darker room can feel much colder than a lighter one, and it is much safer to have a space that is bright.  You don’t want staff falling over, products being dropped or broken and time being lost.

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